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Gemma came to our rescue just after the 4 month sleep regression, our baby was waking almost hourly at night and naps were a struggle, our days had no routine and it was obvious our baby wasn’t getting the right amount of rest and sleep.

Gemma set out a clear plan for us which did not involve any crying it out methods, which we were adamant we didn’t want to use. She gave us a few different approach options and explained each so well. We had a few hiccups along the way with Illness, growth spurts and teething but Gemma was on hand to offer support and advice to get around each step.

We now have a baby who naps at the same time three times a day, he self settles for each nap. He goes to bed at the same time each night, again self settling, and sleeps for 12 hours with just one wake for a feed. (I’m happy not to drop that but if I wanted to Gemma had advised how we could!)

I highly recommend Gemma, a life saver for us as tiredness really makes everything so difficult.

I feel we have our lives back on track!

Niamh and Lughaidh (5 months)