Transform your Child’s nighttime routine with the help of an expert infant sleep consultant

What is a infant sleep consultant?

An infant sleep consultant can provide personalised guidance and support to help your baby develop healthy sleep habits. They can assess your child’s sleep patterns and create a customised sleep plan that fits your family’s needs and preferences.

They can also provide ongoing support and troubleshooting as you work through the sleep training process. With the help of an infant sleep consultant, you can improve your child’s sleep and overall well-being, while also reducing stress and anxiety for yourself as a parent.

Gemma Coe, Child and Infant Sleep Consultant

Hi, I’m Gemma Coe.

I am an award-winning certified baby and child sleep specialist who works with families all over the world.

As a child sleep consultant, I help families prepare for their little ones’ arrival, establish healthy sleep habits and I offer support if any concerns arise.

I’ve had a successful career in medical education, healthcare and teaching, and I retrained as a child sleep specialist following my own journey navigating my daughter’s sleep needs. I also work as a sleep expert for both Huckleberry and Ergobaby.

I have a particular focus on the biological and psychological aspects of sleep and I use personalised, evidence-based and holistic methods to improve the wellbeing of the whole family.

More importantly I’m a very proud mum of two wonderful little ones, Elodie and Charlie.

My Employment History:

Co-founder; The Child Sleep Society (current)
Sleep Consultant; Huckleberry Labs (current)
Education Consultant; Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (current)
Head of Education & Professional Development; Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Visiting Lecturer; King’s College London Dental School
Professional Development Tutor; University College London Medical School
Education Manager; Prostate Cancer UK
Learning and Development Manager (health professionals); Changing Faces
Lecturer in Health Studies; Braintree College

My Education:

Infant and Child Sleep Consultant Certification; Baby Sleep Consultant (New Zealand)
PGDip Professional Research; University College London
Masters in Public Health; University of Essex
PGCE in Adult Education; University of Greenwich
BSc (hons) Nursing (Children); University of Hertfordshire

Voluntary Work:

Trustee, West Kent Mind, Sevenoaks

“This has literally changed our life. Just amazing!”

“My LO (6 months) was waking up during the night multiple times and would not go back to sleep without being breastfeed. When it came to naps we got to the point where i was rocking him for 40 min, sometimes both of us crying and the moment he hit the mattress he immediately opened his eyes and started crying again.

I knew something needed to change, I was exhausted and I knew that the sleep my baby was getting wasn’t the best sleep he could or should be getting.

With Gemma’s support and guidance we have managed to break this vicious cycle we have been in for too much time now i realise. I have learned to trust myself and trust my baby boy, and realised that he was waiting for me to be ready more than the other way.

From day 2 I could see massive improvements in my baby’s sleep! Now, my perfect sleeping baby goes into his bed awake, happy, and drifts off to sleep easily.

We kindly thank Gemma for the help, patience and support she has given us. It is reassuring to know you have someone to ask questions as you go and build your trust.”

– R&L (6 months)

Say Goodbye To Sleepless Nights!

With my expertise, you and your little one can finally get the sleep you deserve. I understands that every family is different, which is why I will work with you to create a personalised sleep plan that fits your unique situation. Get ready for better sleep!