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Common toddler sleep problems!

There’s some similarities here between baby and toddler sleep problems like early mornings and night waking but also some differences. The bedtime delays can be clever and quick witted and the room escapes end up being things prisoners would be proud of!


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10 Top Tips for Christmas Sleep Success!

Christmas is a glittering, beautiful, and memorable time for children. However, younger babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers are often surrounded by a sensory overload of lights, colours, and family members during social gatherings.


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Parents, Don't Make These Mistakes When Trying To Get Your Baby To Sleep

So you’ve got yourself a baby who doesn’t sleep…? Welcome to the club.

With so much conflicting baby sleep advice out there, it can be hard to know where you stand as a new parent trying to get your tiny crying bundle to sleep.

Do you pick them up and soothe them? Do you let them cry it out? So many questions – and to be honest, often no right answers. It’s mostly a case of trial and error, and doing the best you can.

HEALTH HACKS This is why ‘wake windows’ might be your secret weapon

2nd November 2021

“GETTING your child to go to sleep and into a good routine is a real win.

Not only does it help them hugely, it will make you feel much better than those nights where you got maybe two hours kip.

There are a few tried and tested tricks, but also some that you may not be aware of.

Gemma Coe, a certified baby and child sleep specialist, revealed a few extra tactics to the Sun Online.”

Dummies, Pacifiers, Soothers Or Binkies: Are They Friend Or Foe?!

20th October 2021

“There’s no doubt about it, babies are born with a strong desire to suck to soothe. Some babies will get instantaneous comfort from a dummy in their very early weeks whereas other babies find comfort in other things and just seem disinterested. But what to do when it comes to taking away the dummy?”

A Sleep Consultant’s Best Sleep Aid? A Sleeping Bag!

April 23rd 2022

We caught up with Gemma Coe, The Baby and Child Sleep Specialist to chat about how sleeping bags can help you all get a better night’s sleep…

My best sleep aid as a sleep consultant? Sleeping bag. Absolutely! Given all the sleep products out there for newborns upwards you may think I’m mad (or just slightly boring). Hear me out. OK, so not only do these ‘wearable blankets’ look totally cute, but they are great for many practical reasons too. 

Creating the perfect sleep environment

“Sleep is a skill that our little ones have to learn. Some babies find it easier than others to learn how to settle and resettle. We need to give them lots of opportunities to practice but we also want to help them along the way where and when we can.”

MUM'S THE WORD I’m a child sleep expert and there are three things every mum of a newborn needs to know

27th November 2021

“WHEN it comes to having children nothing is easy, particularly if it’s your first one.

But what can make every other decision and action a million times harder is when you’re completely exhausted.

Certified baby and child sleep specialist Gemma Coe knows all too well the importance of helping your baby get some good kip – so you can get a rest too.”

Napping on the go?

29th June 2022

Do you know the feeling? You’re turning into the road to your house in the pram or car and poof, your child has fallen asleep. As we all know, this has been a nerve-racking experience for one parent or another. But what about napping on the go? Do these power naps ruin your little ones sleep routine? Or can you actually use them in a positive way?

Really struggled with sleep with my 10 month old, Gemma was patient, kind and so helpful.

Made a plan for us that was completely personal to us and our situations

Thank you for everything

Jade, and Roman (10 months)

Thank you for being so detailed in your recommendations to me on a routine that you thought would suit Delilah the best , it definitely helped, also your quick response to all my emails and all my questions 🙂

(at 3 months) Delilah is now doing awesome and sleeping through the night. She has also settled during the the day which is great.

Maurisa, and Delilah (4 weeks)