30+ Beautiful Bedtime Routine Flashcards

bedtime routine flashcards

Full colour bedtime routine flashcards

Great ready made cards in beautiful colours to cut and stick!


Outline flashcards – for colouring in

These black and white outlines have strong borders. You can involve your little one in the process of making them!


How to use your bedtime routine flash cards:

  • Choose what works for your family! There are 37 different items to choose from. Some will apply, some won’t. There are blank cards for adding in your own.
  • Each page is designed to be printed on A4 and when cut out, each image will be A7 in size. For best results print on card. Your local print shop should also be able to help if you’re unable to do this at home (just send them the file).
  • You may want just a few steps for younger children (e.g. bath, teeth, pjs, story, bed) or to include lots more steps, as you wish!
  • Duplicate some cards. e.g. If you do two stories at bedtime, then print 2 story cards. This helps to prevent ‘”just one more” situations!
  • You can cut them out and attach them to string (like bunting), display them on a poster, or add them into a little book. Whatever works for your family.
  • Involve your child! Let them put them in the right order, clip them onto some string, or stick them in the book.
  • If you’ve purchased the black and white cards then get your little one to paint or colour in the pictures as a fun activity to do together.
  • Let them be proud of their achievements and show everyone who comes round their cards and talk them through what they do at bedtime!

Harry really enjoyed colouring these in. It made for a fun family activity and he’s so engaged in the bedtime routine telling me exactly what’s coming next!

 Harry (3yrs)

We had months of bedtime delay tactics with our girls. One more story, one more drink, one more…you get it.

These pictures really helped us set a routine in place and bedtime has become so much easier!