Tailored infant and toddler sleep support.


Welcome to a better night’s sleep!

Hi, I’m Gemma,

I’m a baby & child sleep consultant based in Kent UK, but working with clients worldwide.

Having had a successful career in medical education, healthcare and teaching, I retrained as a sleep specialist when I became obsessed with my daughter’s sleep needs. I find the biological and psychological aspects of sleep fascinating and love the opportunities that arise when helping families resolve and reclaim their nights. There are so many sleep training methods available and not all involve crying.

Combining my background in health and medical education

I work alongside families to address sleep concerns with their little ones. Unlike other consultants, I don’t believe one approach works for every family or child so I’ve trained in a range of sleep methods, meaning I can adapt plans to suit parenting styles and wishes alongside their baby’s temperament.

Although I work with all age groups (up to 5 years) I specialise in toddler and pre-school plans. I use a combination of play, behavioural methods and nighttime advice to crack the most common issues in this age group.

My advice and tailored plans are personal to you and your baby.

What I do

I work with new parents to plan and prepare for their little one’s arrival, and support families with ongoing sleep concerns up to the age of 5. After an in-depth consultation and planning session I then work alongside families to take the steps they need to get better quality sleep and meet their agreed sleep goals.

I offer a range of services for all needs and budgets.

See my services page for details of my telephone support clinic and my tailored sleep plans.

We can’t thank Gemma enough for helping us with our baby boy’s (4 & half months when we started) terrible sleeping habits.

We have gone from having no day naps and co-sleeping to 3 day naps averaging around 3-4 hours in total and him sleeping in his cot all night for multiple hours before needing an early morning feed (anywhere between 3.30am & 5.30am).

Having a routine in place has made such a difference to the whole family. Gemma’s knowledge, advice and support has been priceless.

Thank you so much, we will miss working with you.

Ashleigh, Andy & James

I was so grateful to Gemma for the support she gave us with my 1 year old who was waking multiple times per night.

Following her advice, we worked on a new nap schedule and despite me initially being sceptical Aoife could adapt to the big changes, Gemma’s knowledge on why the changes were necessary along with her enthusiasm and encouragement, Aoife adapted in no time and is now sleeping beautifully.

Thank you

Clare, and Aoife (12 months)