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Let’s make sleep deprivation a thing of the past

As a pre-school, toddler and baby sleep consultant, I work alongside sleep deprived families to manage sleep concerns with their little ones. Unlike other sleep consultants, I don’t believe one approach works for every family or child so I’ve spent time training in a range of sleep methods, meaning I can adapt plans to suit family life, parenting styles, special educational needs, children’s development and parent wishes alongside their child’s temperament.

Although I work with all ages (up to 5 years) I have a particular interest in toddler and pre-school plans. With older children, I use a combination of play, behavioural methods and nighttime advice to crack the most common issues and work towards a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Consultant Packages

I work with new parents to plan and prepare for their little one’s arrival, newborn sleep, and support families with ongoing sleep concerns up to the age of 5.

After an in-depth consultation and planning session I then work alongside exhausted parents to take the steps they need to get better quality sleep and meet their agreed sleep goals. I offer a range of sleep training services for all needs and budgets.

One Hour Sleep Consultation

Are sleep issues getting in the way of your family’s wellbeing? With this one hour sleep consultation package, you don’t have to put sleep battles on pause – instead, get the advice and help you need to get everybody better sleep.

Not only will a sleep questionnaire help pinpoint the exact sleep issues your child is experiencing ahead of your discovery call, but follow-up calls are also available at a heavily reduced rate.

From sleep regression and nap issues to bedtime struggles and early morning wake-ups, sleep coaching can make all the difference in getting a better night’s sleep.

Premium Plan

As a child sleep consultant, it’s my mission to ensure you get the best package for addressing your child’s sleep concerns on a longer-term basis to improve sleep issues.

I’ll create a personalised written sleep plan just for you and your child that we can discuss together during one of our consultation sessions.

With ongoing support through WhatsApp groups, regular calls and email contact, I’ll be with you every step of the way as you make changes regarding sleep in your little one’s life.

The Premium Plan is the best solution for addressing your child’s sleep issues on a long-term basis that works on improvement, lasting change and better sleep for all the family.

Hi, I’m Gemma Coe, your sleep consultant

I’m a certified baby sleep consultant based in Kent UK, but working with clients worldwide.

I work with families on sleep training strategies to improve their child’s sleep, whether they’re aiming towards reducing waking and sleeping through the night, reducing anxiety and stress at bedtime, supporting their newborn or toddler to be safe at night or finding a gentle approach to transition from co-sleeping.

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If you’re looking for advice to get a better night’s sleep then you’re in the right place.

I’ve helped hundreds of families reclaim their nights and gain a sense of control over their situation. Moving on from sleep deprivation and getting a better sleep can be life changing for many exhausted families.

Every piece of my advice and support is tailored to the individual family and their parenting philosophy. They can then support their baby or child to learn healthy, happy sleep habits in a supportive, caring and age-appropriate way.

I’m a sleep expert for Ergobaby, have been named a sleep ‘Guru’ by The Sun and also work and blog for the leading baby tracking app Huckleberry.

Combined with my previous career in medical education, healthcare and teaching, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

What does sleep training involve?

Sadly, the phrase ‘sleep training’ has become associated with just two methods, controlled crying or cry it out. Don’t worry, you won’t find that pushed on you here.

For me, sleep training, or sleep support, means a sleep consultant working together with clients not dictating one approach to them.

I perform a detailed assessment of their child’s sleep and create a sleep plan to address the sleep problems and other sleep related issues they’re currently experiencing.

Together we set mutual sleep goals, and I’ll support them as they make changes and help their little one self settle and fall asleep independently.

I have been told my process is the ‘best money’ clients have spent with results being literally ‘life-changing’.

I retrained as a child sleep consultant when I became obsessed with my daughter’s sleep needs. I find the biological and psychological aspects of sleep fascinating and love the opportunities that arise when helping completely exhausted families resolve sleep regressions, sleep problems and reclaim their naps and night time back.

Not sure where to start on your journey to better sleep?

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"Don't hesitate for a second! Reach out and find a solution"

“For us… Bedtime was a battle, every night, for over an hour and a half. We dreaded it and would avoid it wherever possible. We had to stay in the room until he fell asleep – creeping out whenever we were convinced he was in a deep enough sleep.

Most nights we had a night wake and settling him would involve the same (long) process. We were tired and frustrated beyond measure.

Gemma really took time to understand what we were and were not comfortable with – as well as the different issues that each of us were facing (mum’s bedtime was much harder than dads).

It was a quick and efficient process to be in contact with Gemma which was a godsend in our hectic lives. Things are much better – we’ve had a couple of blips but on the whole it is totally transformed!

Don’t hesitate for a second! Reach out and find a solution rather than blaming yourself and fumbling around for answers (maybe that was just us) – getting a professional perspective really makes all the difference.

Gemma is amazing”

"Gemma has been an absolute god sent in dealing with our son's sleep"

Gemma has been an absolute god sent in dealing with our son’s sleep. We first spoke to her when he was 18 months and we were at our wits end with sleepless nights, we were having tk take turns camping in his room so he would sleep.

She worked with us for 2 weeks on a plan that got my son sleeping through the night without us in the room. We had a follow up session after 6 months when we moved him into a single bed and again her advice was invaluable.

You really can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. If you need baby or toddler sleep help then Gemma is the lady for you. I could not recommend any higher (even my skeptical husband was won over with the results!)

"Honestly, best money we have spent!"

“Gemma offered us amazing advice and managed to help us understand what was the issue with the sleep disruption.

Within 10 days our 2 year old is sleeping through the night and staying in bed until the morning. Honestly, best money we have spent!”

Welcome To A Better Night’s Sleep!

Gemma can help you and your child establish sleep methods that work for each unique situation, creating a better sleep for everyone!